Yahoo : Parker's Pet Palace, LLC


It's like home when you can't be.
We treat your pet like royalty!


Our Rates Have Not Changed Since 2008

Yes, that's correct; in 14 years, we have not raised our rates.

$20.00 for the first dog
$17.00 for 2nd dog
$14.00 for 3rd dog
$11.00 for each additional dog

For pets brought in after 6 pm, there will not be a charge for that day. For pets picked up after 9:30 am, the charge is as a whole day.

All boardings include an indoor temperature-controlled suite, outdoor run, a pet cot bed, supervised playtime, music, and Dish TV tuned in to the Animal Planet, of course.

We do not charge extra for giving lots of love and attention. That is our pleasure!!

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