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Who We Are

Parker's Pet Palace,LLC
We Foster dogs for Coffee Cause for Paws

We treat your pet like royalty!
It's like home when you can't be.
Parker's Pet Palace opened for business in the spring of 2008.
Every year since 2008 !!!

Parker's Pet Palace is owned and operated by Randall and Vivien Parker. Call today to schedule an appointment for your pets to enjoy the comforts and company at Parker's. Sorry, but we do not board large dogs! We only board petite pooches, up to 30 lbs.

Drop off and pick up by appointment.
We are very flexible.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Friends and neighbors may not have the time to look after your pet properly.
If they don't have a pet of their own, that back door may not get closed fast enough, and they might just forget all about Fifi.
Here at Parkers Pet Palace, safety is first. All dogs are loved and cared for like they were our own.
Come check us out. Keep this checklist with you.

Does the facility look and smell clean?
Is the facility too close to a busy road? We are off the highway on a dirt road.
Is there sufficient ventilation and lighting?
Is a comfortable temperature maintained?
Are pets required to be current on their vaccinations?
Does each dog have its own adequately sized indoor-outdoor run?
Is there protection from rain and wind?
Are there resting beds to lift animals off the concrete floor?
How often are pets fed?
Can the owner bring exceptional food?
Will my dog be allowed to play with others?
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